Steve M, Staten Island, NY
The Broker was pressuring us to clear out the clutter in my Mom's house to present it for sale. I was ready to put it all in the dumpster, but fortunately, Rob came by that week and found enough items to cover a good portion of the expenses of maintaining the house; which came in handy when the Real Estate slump made a qualified buyer hard to find.

Barbara C, Long Island, NY
I was at my wits end! My soon-to-be-ex moved out and offered all of his junk as a trade for his end of the rent and utilities. I was out of work with two young children. My lawyer recommended I find someone who could put a value on it all. I remembered that Rob was involved with collectibles and asked him to come over. He was gentle with the bad news that most of the junk was indeed just that, but he was able to pick out a few things that I could either put up on eBay or sell at a Yard Sale. The money I made was enough to pay the bills and daycare so I was able to get a part-time job while the divorce proceeded.

George and Rita W, Brooklyn
We're retired, our kids are grown and fortunately, don't need any help from us, so when it came time to sell the old house and move to a retirement community, a neighbo ur recommended Rob as person who might help us with a move from an eight-room house to a two-bedroom apartment. We were so pleased with his recommendations that we told him he should make this into a business. We're so glad he listened to our advice!
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