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As a youngster growing up in late 50's and early 60s Brooklyn, like many others of my generation, I was a collector: stamps, coins, baseball cards, and records. Unlike many others, I maintained these and other collecting interests into adulthood, expanding into New York City History, picture postcards and sports memorabilia. Some 20 years ago, the woman of my dreams said yes and when we married, our collections married as well! Now we had all of the above plus Art Glass, antique tins, cookbooks, classic dinnerware and posters.

Well, the late George Carlin used to say, "You get a bigger place so you can get more stuff." That wasn't an option and we were forced to reduce. The first place we started was a combined vinyl collection, 45s, LPs and 78s, well over 15,000 pieces in all. That's when I started amassing catalogs and reference books and was able to make some decent money reducing the collection to a more manageable 5000 or so, largely though eBay. This soon expanded into research into other collectibles and their markets, and into a continuous successful and enjoyable eBay experience, as well as the knowledge necessary to properly protect and insure the treasures we were holding on to.
Now, it's time to share this knowledge with others who may be faced with the need to "reduce the inventory," so to speak. So I'm here to save you the time and effort of spending hours on search engines trying to find some reference to your particular objects, or spending hundreds of your hard-earned dollars on catalogs and price lists that may be out of date before you get them home! For a nominal fee, I'll examine your items, take digital photographs and prepare a formal report with recommendations as to what your best options are.

If I feel I can personally get you the best price for your treasures, I'll offer you my personal services with easy consignment arrangements (all items are fully insured while in my possession). I've successfully sold things as diverse as Nippon Porcelain, Ezra Brooks Barware, Elvis Presley Sun 78s, Hold-to the Light Picture Postcards and tons of stamps. If you or I feel another better-qualified expert can be more accurate than I can, I've developed a good network of specialists; I'll bring another person's expertise in, on my time and at my expense.
Feel you'd rather keep your stuff after I report? I'll be happy to arrange for Insurance, whether as a separate Policy or as a Valuable Items rider to your existing Homeowners'/Renter's Policy, or bring in the services of a Licensed Appraiser if that's what you'd rather have.

Member, APS, USPCS, Contributor to Rockin Records and Goldmine Catalogs. Large Regerence Library with Current Values of Hundreds of Collectibles Registered eBay Trading Assistant with 100% Feedback in 16 Years of Selling